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Monthly Archives: February 2013


Haberdasher is one who sells mens fashion.  David Watkins is so much more than just a haberdasher.  I have discovered one of the most amazing tailors alive.  Gosh, tailor doesn’t adequately describe

The New Southern Gent

There is a new Southern designer for mens’ fashion.  I think he’s worth the look.  His name is Otis James and his style is very American..southern to be exact.  I just saw

LE TOUR Fashion

LE  VELO I’m a big cycling fan.  I literally look forward to schedule conflicts with the car so that I can ride my bike to work or to the store or just

Men’s fashion and SAG Awards 2013

Oh, Justin…Why’d ya do it?  When is it okay to be so informal at a formal event?  How do you expect to be a good male fashion role model when you ignore