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Monthly Archives: March 2013

Are You Into Casual Socks?

Every Spring some desginer will showcase male models going sock-less, which isn’t usually a problem except here in Florida.  I agree that some shoes look best without socks like the boat shoe

Please Wear Man Shoes

Men, have you ever had a glimpse of that woman that thinks she cute when she wears pony tails…not one, but two like a school girl?  You know how even when that

The Art of Flirting

You know what is really not fashionable for a man?  Hitting on a married woman.  I am one of the few very married women.  I not only Love my husband but I

Have You Considered a Hat?

My husband just bought a hat.  It’s one of those Irish/Scottish looking plaid hats that men used to wear golfing.  He decided he needed a more grown man hat instead of the