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Monthly Archives: September 2013

Large Boy or Man?

I have a relative who is professionally successful and financially successful but when it comes to being a man he falls very short.  Any male can make a baby but a Man


My wife loves Yankee Candles.  I can never buy them for her as a present because she always goes and gets them herself.  Last week we were in the mall (I was

Handcrafted Style and Micro-brewed Beer

St Pete is readin’ up for it’s first micro-brewery, the Green Bench Brewing Company.  It  will be opening any day now in it’s 1925 building in sunny downtown St. Pete, which happens

Handlebar Moustache and Cigars

I think culture has come full swing from bra burning angry women and wimpy men that cry all the way back to handlebar moustaches with mutton chops and cigars!  I like it,