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Monthly Archives: February 2014

Daytona 500 2014

I am going to the Daytona 500 this year!  I cannot wait.  I haven’t been in about a decade.  Don’t get me wrong I watch it every year on the telly, but

Best Money I Ever Spent

The best money I ever spent for  a Valentine’s Day gift for my wife was the money I spent on her diamond stud earrings.  Granted, it was a few thousand smackers, but

What Women Do NOT Want for Valentine’s Day

I have learned a few things in this life.  I have learned what to do and what not to do when it comes to women.  I have especially learned what NOT to

What Women Really Want For Valentine’s Day

There are suitable gifts and as you saw before unsuitable gifts for women on Valentine’s Day.  Women are pretty easy to satisfy if you remember a few things.  It’s not so much