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Monthly Archives: March 2014

Feed Her Body and Soul

If you are more of the chic granola type you will love the MindBodyGreen website for recipes for your significant other.  This site will give you the best way to cherish each

Have a Hungry Girl?

Feed her!  Hungry Girl is the foodie website that will make you look like a man genius.  If your lady friend or man friend are on diets all the time then this

Nuts About Baking

My wife is gluten-free so I thought it’d be nice to make her a gluten-free dessert.  Oy-vay!  What an ordeal.  Gluten free is not just inconvenient it’s expensive, too.  What a joke.

The Way to A Man’s Heart is His Stomach

When my wife and I first started dating she cooked for me.  She was a pretty good cook, too.  Her mother raised her to know her way around the kitchen and as