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Monthly Archives: August 2014

Common misstep: Men have fashion troubles with these easily missed mistakes

When it comes to fashion, men carry around quite the stereotype. We don’t know much about it, if anything at all. That assumption isn’t too far off for the masses when it

The Allure of Men’s Choke Chains

Choke chain is a slang term that describes a short chain that fits tightly around a man’s neck. A man can speak volumes about himself by adorning his neck with one of

Fabulous Places to Buy Men’s Shoes

Men’s shoes are the most important part of their outfits. They have the power to turn a plain outfit into a mesmerizing ensemble of flair and flamboyance. Multitudes of establishments are currently

Innovative Men’s Fall Fashion Trends for 2014

The 2014-2015 season seems to be a season of high experimentation and retroactive love. Fall fashion wears many faces, and they are all quite stunning. The following are three fashion trends that

Colors to Wear/Not to Wear on Your First Date

Your first date with a special someone is going to be nerve-wracking for the both of you. Both of you will be trying to get to know each other in a brief

Fashion Tips for Men Who Want to Look Younger

Are you a middle-aged divorcee who has to get back into the dating game? Perhaps you are a retired individual who would love to meet someone with whom you can share the

How to Dress for a First Date

A first date is an opportunity for a man to leave a woman with a long-lasting impression. He will want to make his date desire a second meeting. The following are some

What to Wear to a First Interview

Deciding what to wear to a first interview can be confusing. An interviewee does not want to overdress or underdress. Therefore, he must go through a process before deciding what to wear.

Four First Date Fashion “Don’ts” for Men

A first date is a time when a man and woman get together to decide if they will see each other again. Therefore, it is the wrong time to make an unforgivable

The Versatility of Denim Jeans

Denim jeans are the most versatile of all fabrics. A man can wear denim jeans in just about any situation with the right accessories. The following are some combinations that express the