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Monthly Archives: October 2014

The Hottest Jewelry for Men

Wearing jewelry is the perfect way for a man to accessorize and separate himself from the millions of other men in the world. Some jewelry will accomplish simple distinction while other jewelry

Three Dazzling Sock Sets for Men

Sometimes people focus so strongly on their pants and shirts that they forget one of the most crucial parts of an outfit: the socks. Socks can illuminate an entire wardrobe, or they

Trending Hairstyles for Men

A man’s hairstyle can change the world’s perspective on him. A bad haircut can cause people to shy away from him while an excellent haircut can earn him many admirers. Currently, more

Fall Boot Styles for Men

A man’s boots are an integral part of his outfit. They define part of his personality and provide him with a sense of security. Many stores are having sales on their fall

Fashion Tips for a Hot Date

You only have one chance at making a first impressio. And a hot date is a date that has the potential to ignite a fire. A man should handle a hot date

Small Accessories That Can Improve Your Look

Fashion accessories are the little additions that can give a man’s outfit the amount of flair that it needs. Accessories include extra items that a man can add to his casual or

Job Interview Grooming Tips for Men

A job interview is one of the most important meetings that a man will ever have. Therefore, he will have to present himself in a perfect light. A perfect interview presence means

Five Simple Add-Ons that Add to “Hotness”

Millions of attractive men inhabit the earth, but many of them go unnoticed because of a lack of right touches around the edges. With a few small, inexpensive items, a man can

The Best Places to Buy Men’s Brand Name Athletic Wear

Men’s athletic wear often carries a hefty price tag due to the advertising and sponsorship costs the companies bear in a fiercely contested industry. Most men prefer brand name athletic clothing made

The Man’s Guide to Dressing for Fall 2014

Fall is the season that graces us before winter, so the theme of a man’s apparel should always be cool. A man will want to mix and match his clothes to give