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Sole Survivor: Worthwhile work books mean everything to your feet

The snow is here, and with that comes a lot of questions. No, not whether or not leave the hot cocoa at home to brave the elements, but rather how you’re planning

Wardrobe Dysfunction: Why your closet needs an overhaul on essentials

Ask any guy what his wardrobe essentials are, and you actually might be surprised at the answers you receive. Some may argue that they have a favorite pair of jeans or a

Mean Jeans: Are you really wearing the right jeans?

Jeans can be tricky, especially for men. Now, most guys might argue that point, stating that jeans are the easiest piece of clothing they can buy, own and wear. The problem with

Weathering Heights: How to take your outwear to new levels

Staying warm and looking good doing it is what every guy is striving for this winter.  It’s cold in most places this time of year, so you have to bundle up.  But

Getting the Boot: Stacking up favorite boots for men

There is never a bad time to break out the boots.  So what’s in season as far as fashionable  footwear for men goes?  Besides looking good, a man wants a pair of boots

Neckerchief Concerns: Is this men’s accessory really coming back?

One of the fashion trends for men this fall is the neckerchief. Perhaps your first question is, what exactly is a neckerchief?  Well, it’s kind of in between a scarf and a

Trending Backward: Why some fashion deserves to stay lost forever

Do you ever look at pictures from the past and ask yourself, what was I thinking wearing that?  Well if you’re still wearing anything on the list below, there will come a

Fitness Flare: How to dress the part when working out

Men tend to dress down when they can get away with it, and that includes the lazy Sunday, the after work quick change and any other time when sweats and T-shirts will

Style Points: How to look the part on a budget

No one ever wants to hear the word “budget.” Just the idea of it makes most people cringe. The word ultimately is associated with depravation and the feeling as though you can’t

Universal Soldiering: Why your Fall wardrobe doesn’t have to fall flat

Men tend to underestimate the importance of fashion, and while no one is asking guys to get into gear by checking out Fashion Week or making it a point to stay on