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Hats Off: Is your headgear horribly outdated?

When was the last time you worried about your fashion sense? More specifically, do you really even pay much attention to fashionable accessories, specifically headgear? Truth is, most guys would be lucky More »

Sole Survivor: Worthwhile work books mean everything to your feet

The snow is here, and with that comes a lot of questions. No, not whether or not leave the hot cocoa at home to brave the elements, but rather how you’re planning More »

Wardrobe Dysfunction: Why your closet needs an overhaul on essentials

Ask any guy what his wardrobe essentials are, and you actually might be surprised at the answers you receive. Some may argue that they have a favorite pair of jeans or a More »

Mean Jeans: Are you really wearing the right jeans?

Jeans can be tricky, especially for men. Now, most guys might argue that point, stating that jeans are the easiest piece of clothing they can buy, own and wear. The problem with More »

Weathering Heights: How to take your outwear to new levels

Staying warm and looking good doing it is what every guy is striving for this winter.  It’s cold in most places this time of year, so you have to bundle up.  But More »


Athletically Gifted: Why workout clothes aren’t just for gym

Attention men: don’t sweat the sweatpants and workout gear anymore. Turns out, it’s actually stylish to look like you just finished super setting at the gym. Well, maybe that statement isn’t totally

Spring Forward: Why men’s fashion this spring centers on simple

Have you ever bothered to pay attention to the men who are deemed fashion moguls? No, not the ones on the runway that are dressed a little too flamboyant for the general

Fashionably Dated: How to start dressing like a man

Attention men: Do you dress like a boy or a man? It seems like a simple question and one that can easily be answered to the naked eye, but your clothes might

Casual Dress at Work for Guys can Include Sweats

What if you could wear sweatpants to work? What guy hasn’t thought about ditching the tie, taking the suit for a vacation and turning casual Friday into the longest lounge day to

Tips for Christmas Party Attire

Many people get together with their friends and family members before Christmas hits to have a party. Some of them get together on Christmas Eve, while others get together weeks before. Employers

Look Cool in Basketball Shoes this Holiday Season

Basketball shoes are still some of the top selling shoes on the market. You can give a perfect holiday gift by choosing a pair of basketball shoes for a child, mate, friend

Fall Fashion Trends for Men

Fall is the part of the year that people try to stay warm and stylish at the same time. Men love to wear clothing that will catch the eyes of their female

Hot Hat Ideas for Men

Men add hats to their outfits for a plethora of reasons. Some of them add hats to their outfits because they are losing their hair. Other men like to wear hats because

Ties for Every Occasion

Ties are accessories that can quickly turn a drab outfit into a formal outfit. Males usually wear ties when they go on dinner dates, church or business functions. Ties can enhance just

Ladies First: Why men should take most fashion tips from women’s reaction

Men tend to opine about what they wear and what, realistically and feasibly, is considered fashionable for them. A lot of variables tend to play into how they think: age, money, comfortability