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Monthly Archives: January 2013

Gentility is not a Social Disease

Seeing how this is  a fashion blog, I write about fashion…but sometimes there are things that fall under fashion that are not clothing or hairstyle but je ne sais quoi.  Gentility falls under the latter.  A man needs only to cultivate this quality in order to become highly esteemed by any woman he may meet. …

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White-wall Me, High and Tight.

Were you ever white-walled as a boy?  You know, that high and tight barber shop cut that left the skin behind your ears as white as the tires on an old 1936 Ford?  I know (not from experience but from hearing boys complain) that boys do not like that hairstyle, but us gals, do. I …

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What kind of Mickey Mouse Style is This?

Walt Disney is my husbands new style icon.  He decided that he likes the way Walt dressed.  He likes his hair.  He likes his persona.  Walt was not the epitome of masculinity and I believe I even said that to my husband.  He was offended, of course, and continued to defend his decision to copy …

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The MAN-icure

About a year ago, I sat in front of my financial advisor as he was laying out all my investment options.  I was riveted with all the information until I noticed that he had a manicure!  Not a woman’s manicure with polish and french tips, but a real MANicure.  He had buffed nails with oiled …

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