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Monthly Archives: February 2013


Haberdasher is one who sells mens fashion.  David Watkins is so much more than just a haberdasher.  I have discovered one of the most amazing tailors alive.  Gosh, tailor doesn’t adequately describe him, either.  What would you call a man that designs clothes for you.  No one else can wear your clothes because anything you …

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The New Southern Gent

There is a new Southern designer for mens’ fashion.  I think he’s worth the look.  His name is Otis James and his style is very American..southern to be exact.  I just saw him being highlighted in Southern Living Magazine, March 2013.  He designs men’s retro ties and hats.  His designs are fresh and young and …

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LE TOUR Fashion

LE  VELO I’m a big cycling fan.  I literally look forward to schedule conflicts with the car so that I can ride my bike to work or to the store or just for fun.  I absolutely LOVE packing my change of clothes and makeup in my cycling bag so that I can change at work. …

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Men’s fashion and SAG Awards 2013

Oh, Justin…Why’d ya do it?  When is it okay to be so informal at a formal event?  How do you expect to be a good male fashion role model when you ignore the rules???  The most recent SAG Awards showed us a great collaboration between Tom Ford and Justin Timberlake despite his faux pa of …

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