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Monthly Archives: March 2013

Are You Into Casual Socks?

Every Spring some desginer will showcase male models going sock-less, which isn’t usually a problem except here in Florida.  I agree that some shoes look best without socks like the boat shoe and the man loafer.  But any sort of athletic shoes must use a sock here in Florida or else you will develop a …

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Please Wear Man Shoes

Men, have you ever had a glimpse of that woman that thinks she cute when she wears pony tails…not one, but two like a school girl?  You know how even when that woman is about 21 she is too old for the whole school girl thing, yet she will still wear pony tails trying to …

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The Art of Flirting

You know what is really not fashionable for a man?  Hitting on a married woman.  I am one of the few very married women.  I not only Love my husband but I LIKE him, too.  I know, beauty, brains and admiration for her husband?  It seems impossible but there are people out there that actually …

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Have You Considered a Hat?

My husband just bought a hat.  It’s one of those Irish/Scottish looking plaid hats that men used to wear golfing.  He decided he needed a more grown man hat instead of the baseball caps he has worn for decades.  All I have to say is I like it.  His hat is uber sexy.  He picked …

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