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Monthly Archives: April 2013

Rough Lips

Since you obviously shut down and turned into the cold war man since my post on face fro, let’s try to meet in the middle on kisses.  Perhaps picking where you will be prickly is a good place to start…such as lips.  Chapstick has a great product that is called ChapStick Matte.  It’s a chapstick …

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Face Fro or Man Beard?

When my husband is on vacation he grows a Goatee or VanDyke for me.  He has the perfect face shape for facial hair and he knows how much I like his face hair so he pleases me by looking burly and manly when he can.  It’s a gift I truly appreciate.  Now, I have heard …

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Man Camp

This summer I designed a camp for boys.  The boys will be taught how to tie ties, shoot BB guns and run obstacle courses.  I will teach some boys this summer the art of being a real man and I cannot wait.  I will teach them that real men value their families and invest in …

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A Matter of Smell

Do you know a woman who is well-dressed and attractive but she wears so much perfume that you can’t tolerate her presence?  Ugh.  It’s a shame, right?  Well, it’s equally disappointing to be around a grown man who wears enough cologne to gag a hooker.  I work with a man who apparently bathes in cologne …

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