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Monthly Archives: June 2013

Quien es tu pappi ?

There is a new brand of man panties called “Pappi’s”.  My wife found my pair at Macy’s.  She bought them because they reminded her of grown up under-roo’s.  I’m dating myself.  But to my surprise they were very comfortable.   I would also like to add that they are quite sexy in a Rico Suave …

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Barbar and Ken, Deux

Ken had things to say that made me laugh regarding his barber visit.  First of all, he turned into a child before my eyes talking about how manly and traditional it was to even patronize a barber and him thinking the barber was being fresh was funny.  But the funniest thing was that the barber …

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Barber and Ken

My friend, Ken, went to a barber for the first time.  He got a real man’s cut and shave.  It’s ironic that I have taken the whole barber experience for granted all of these years.  Ken really enjoyed having the old guys take a shaver to his head then finish his cut off with scissors. …

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Chivalry is Not Dead

I know I go on and on about being from the South, but I’m going to do it again.  Being Southern there are expectations put on you for behavior.  Manners are to be polished all the time.  For example, my wife was walking down the hall at church the other day talking to my buddy’s …

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