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Monthly Archives: July 2013

Flippity Flop

My husband used to have a police wallet.  I loved playing with it.  He had his badge in the wallet and could do that uber cool cop wallet flippy thing to flash his badge.  I loved how he did it.  It was so Miami Vice to see how he could manuver his wallet.  It would …

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As a woman I have wondered what would make men wear speedos.  I think that the most American of reactions is that Speedos do very little to cover the male form.  Not that the male form is bad but it’s not american to let everything hang out like that.  I once owned a condo and …

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Bro Brow

In case you were wondering, having hairy brows are not a good thing.  If you have heard catepillar, dead squirrel or Frida Kahlo in reference to your eye brows then it’s time you manscaped your brows.  The good news is that it’s not difficult at all to manscape your brows.  Do you have a shaver? …

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I think that knee length socks are trying to weasel their way back into fashion.  I keep seeing men jogging looking very serious sporting knee length socks.  Some knee length socks are total throw backs to the 70’s with the white tube and the double colored rings around the top and some are totally modern …

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