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Monthly Archives: September 2013

Large Boy or Man?

I have a relative who is professionally successful and financially successful but when it comes to being a man he falls very short.  Any male can make a baby but a Man takes care of the child and knows that the best way to love your child is to love the child’s mother.  This cousin …

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My wife loves Yankee Candles.  I can never buy them for her as a present because she always goes and gets them herself.  Last week we were in the mall (I was dragged there) and she begged me to go with her to the candle store and being a good husband I went with her. …

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Handcrafted Style and Micro-brewed Beer

St Pete is readin’ up for it’s first micro-brewery, the Green Bench Brewing Company.  It  will be opening any day now in it’s 1925 building in sunny downtown St. Pete, which happens to be THE place to be for a great party.  Now, why am I telling you all of this?  There is something very …

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Handlebar Moustache and Cigars

I think culture has come full swing from bra burning angry women and wimpy men that cry all the way back to handlebar moustaches with mutton chops and cigars!  I like it, too.  I like it when people are who they are and they will not apologize for it.  I can respect that.  I can …

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