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Monthly Archives: November 2013

Are You Fully Vested?

In England a vest is an undershirt.  Here in the States a vest is the piece of clothing you wear buttoned up over your dress shirt.  I own a few vests but rarely wear them.  My wife thinks vests are HOT but I think vests are  just hot.  It’s too hot to wear a vest …

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Searching for the right suit jacket can be intimidating.  After all, there are so many patterns, cuts and styles to choose from not to mention finding the correct fit.  The best advice is to find the correct fit for you then pick style from there. American cut is the boxy cut of jacket from the …

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Put a Bow on It.

I think I will try a bow tie, Yes, i will. I want to be fashionable and create a thrill. I want to enter the room exuding old-school glamour, in a bow-tie creating a hushed clamor. By all the women who think I’m a rockstar gasping and drooling over themselves at the bar. I think …

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Daddy/Daughter Date Attire

There is a push for daddies to spend more time with their daughters in the form of Daddy/Daughter events.  As a man, it’s easy to dismiss these events as unimportant or froufrou and unnecessary, but I argue that any amount of time spent with my daughter is important.  Time spent with my little girl is …

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