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Monthly Archives: December 2013

Razor Sharp

I am a little unsure of how this post will be received since it will be slightly controversial.  But I will go ahead and put it all out there for posterity.  I would like to discuss Man-scaping and I do not mean beards.  Bic makes a man razor with two heads.  One head is for …

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Tom Ford’s Commandments for Men’s Fashion

Have you happen to of read anything by Tom Ford?  He is an entertaining writer and very direct.  I just read a little bit of what he deems commandments for fashion and he is right on the money.  Here are a few tips I picked up from  Tom Ford. 1.  Spray cologne all over.  When …

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A Matter of Life and Breath

I am positive you have been invited to a ton of parties.  You will be surrounded by tons of beautiful people and fabulous friends and you will want to make a good impression.  You have picked out a great ensemble, you have used your man groomer to give yourself a rugged low pile beard and …

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This is the social season.  It is the time of year in which you will meet tons of people and possibly a lady friend or two.  The way to attract a lady and not a woman is to mind your manners.  Women do not care how you behave but a lady will.  Ladies do not …

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