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Monthly Archives: January 2014

Let’s Suspend Reality

Of all the modern day adaptions for men’s clothing I do miss one article of male finery…that’s suspenders.  Being southern men used to wear bow ties and suspenders all the time but some time in the 90’s it stopped.  Sometimes, you will see someone being aggressively scholarly and they will don a set of suspenders …

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Underwear Is For Under Your Wear

One of my absolute worst pet peeves is when men wear underwear outside of their clothes.  I think they think it makes them look tough but in actuality it makes them look poor.  Who needs to know you own a dirty sweat stained wife beater (as my wife calls them).  An undershirt was meant to …

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Save Some Dollars With JC Penney Promo Codes and Coupons

JCPenney has one of the largest selections of brand name clothing of any department store. It is an exciting place to shop, but would be even more so if designer attire were sold at a deep discount. Dreams come true with JCP Coupons. It is one thing to dress the best, but a rare treat …

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What a Nauti Sailor Man

Nautica has some good designs for spring.  I would strongly suggest grabbing a few pieces from their Spring 2014 collection.  If you like primary red and yellow you will love the collection as they have added very colorful punches of those two colors all throughout their pieces.  They, of course, have some great light trenches …

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Do You Like the New Look of JCPenney?

JCPenney has been one of my go-to shopping spots for clothes for my husband. It’s not super upper crust, but it’s also not Walmart (not even close). JCP is one of those places where you can actually get a quality dress shirt, trousers and tie that are nice enough to pass the muster, but won’t …

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Say No To Crack

This is not post regarding drugs.  It is a quick note regarding belts.  Wear one.  You are not a plumber. The rules for wearing belts are as follows:   1.  Your belt and shoes should at least coordinate if not match.  For instance, if you are wearing black shoes you should not wear a brown …

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