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Monthly Archives: September 2014

Pants for All Seasons

A man’s pants can speak volumes about his personality, his lifestyle and his interests. They can express whether a man is a conservative person, an athlete, a laid-back individual, a geek or a businessperson. The following are a few pants styles that tell stories about the men who wear them: Levi 513 Straight Line 8 …

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Every Man’s Wardrobe should have Shoes for these Occasions

A well-wardrobed man will have a different pair of shoes for every aspect of life. He will need to have special shoes for lounging, working, sporting and profiling for the ladies. He should have his collection of shoes ready to wear with stylish clothing when a situation arises. The following are some ideas for men’s …

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Mean Jeans: Do men finally have Best of Both Worlds?

Jeans are quite the polarizing piece of apparel, particularly because for most men, finding the right piece of denim is downright difficult. From boot cut to flare, along with the skinny jean trend (yes, even for men), loose fit, baggy and everything in between, men are riddled with mix signals when it comes to finding …

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Fix-able: Some Fashion Mistakes can easily be Reversed

Some men pay attention to every aspect of fashion, more specifically what they wear and how they’re groomed from head to toe. Clothing in particular is quite daunting, mostly due to the always changing trends of men’s fashion or trying to keep that flawless look a consistent part of your day. Even the most ardent …

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Denim Woes: How to Pick the Perfect Pair of Jeans

For most men, jeans aren’t high priority when it comes to a variety of aspects, namely price, style or exactly which ones look best. Instead, jeans fall by the way side and slowly fall into the “all things created equal” category with guys opting for sizes too big or styles that look like something you’d …

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Trend Settlers: Fall Fashion Finds Men in Enviable Position

Men might not admit it all the time, but they pay close attention to how they look as it pertains to a particular season. That means summer shorts, sandals and T shirts are carefully pieced together to make sure they don’t look outdated or out of place at the beach or by the pool or …

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