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A Definitive Guide To Belt Sizes

A nice belt can dress up any outfit but buying a belt can take forever.  For such a simple accessory, there are a lot of ways that buying a belt can be a huge hassle–namely that the sizing of them is a complete mystery.  But here’s thing–it’s not: the size of belts has nothing to do with the waist that they should encompass but rather the distance from the end of the buckle to the penultimate hole.

The long and short of this realization is that if you stay a steady size then you should aim about 2″ greater than your waist size when finding a belt.  That way, you’re guaranteed to get some mileage out of it before needing to buy a new one as you’ll have at least one sizing hole on either side of your current measurement.

Pro Tip: Buy Amish belts.  They last forever, are sized meticulously, and can withstand absolutely brutal abuse.

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