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A Matter of Life and Breath

I am positive you have been invited to a ton of parties.  You will be surrounded by tons of beautiful people and fabulous friends and you will want to make a good impression.  You have picked out a great ensemble, you have used your man groomer to give yourself a rugged low pile beard and you have styled your  man hair into a suave bad boy trying to be church boy hairstyle….a little bit of pomade.  But have you considered your breath?  Breath is my wife’s biggest pet peeve.  I have bad seasonal allergies and apparently twice  a year I have a halitosis issue (my sinus begin draining and I stink from my mouth).  Anyway, we have discovered a way to keep you from knocking the ladies dead during a party.

The best two options are Smart Mouth mouthwash which WILL kill garlic or onion breath…it really does.  It even kills coffee that has been consumed on an empty stomach breath and it even kills chives in my salad breath as well.

The second option is Altoids.  They are not as strong but they will give any man a nice kissable mouth flavor per my wife.  I think Ill buy a few more tins.

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