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A Matter of Smell

Do you know a woman who is well-dressed and attractive but she wears so much perfume that you can’t tolerate her presence?  Ugh.  It’s a shame, right?  Well, it’s equally disappointing to be around a grown man who wears enough cologne to gag a hooker.  I work with a man who apparently bathes in cologne and axe spray instead of soap and water.  It’s awful.  In case you were wondering, here are a few rules for men’s cologne.


1.  If you can smell the man before you see the man, it’s too much.

2.  If you shake hands with a man and your hands smell like that man’s cologne, it’s too much.

3.  If a man feels the need to spray a little cologne to freshen up…tell  him to SHOWER instead.

4.  Water Fragrances are yucky and they conjure images of college age guys that go out and play a game of hoops then not shower and hit bars.

5.  Men should smell spicy like an ancient arabian king.

6.  If a cologne is unisex it’s for no one.  Men should smell like men no matter which side you butter your bread.

7.  If your scent options are Axe or nothing…nothing.

8.  When in doubt, shower..with Irish Spring.

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