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Are You Fully Vested?

In England a vest is an undershirt.  Here in the States a vest is the piece of clothing you wear buttoned up over your dress shirt.  I own a few vests but rarely wear them.  My wife thinks vests are HOT but I think vests are  just hot.  It’s too hot to wear a vest and a jacket to any special occasion for my taste and wearing a vest with short sleeves is just wrong.  I found my vests when I was looking for my cycling jacket and wondered if I would ever wear another vest and not look like a Mumford & Son.  I do still like the look of my tweed vest with the pockets and brass buttons.   I still have my old tweedy irish hat.  It is Fall.  Is it wrong to wear a vest with jeans?  Could I pull it off? Am I too old?  Wish me luck.  I think I will don on a vest and try to make it look polished and elegant for a change.  I feel the need to let you know it’s not a sweater vest, but a proper tweed vest…I do not know why I have that need to point that detail out to you.  Perhaps, it was the years in private school wearing sweater vests and braided leather belts with boat shoes.

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