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Are You Into Casual Socks?

Every Spring some desginer will showcase male models going sock-less, which isn’t usually a problem except here in Florida.  I agree that some shoes look best without socks like the boat shoe and the man loafer.  But any sort of athletic shoes must use a sock here in Florida or else you will develop a fungus…and fungus isn’t fun.   Plus, it looks a tad Crocket and Tubbs.

I mean, if you intend on wearing a pair of linen pants with a tee shirt and a linen jacket, that would be great…you could totally fit in a Ryan Lewis video.  Other than that, my advice is sock up.  If the look you are going for is to be sock-less then grab a pair of very low socks.  They are inexpensive and they will lengthen the life of your shoes since you will not be kicked out of nice establishments due to foot odor.  I would also never go without socks in formal shoes like the patent leather tuxedo shoes…because odds are you do not own those shoes….and that is gross.  Might as well go commando in those tux pants, too, you creeper.

I think that casual socks is a problem in society today and you should do your part to keep yourself above the gossip and put socks on those feet. While you are out buying socks, you can also stop over to Victoria’s Secret and get something for the lady too!

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