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Athletically Gifted: How to look stylish in workout attire

The term “workout clothes” doesn’t really mesh all that well with another word that centers on your attire.


But that is about to change since athletic clothing is now being paired with casual and stylish clothes in your wardrobe to create a fashion movement that is nothing new but now finds itself in the spotlight, and rightfully so.

The only difference is you’d see this look from athletes, who make millions and could justify putting warm up pants and a pea coat on the same frame. When LeBron James does it, you know it’s looked upon a lot differently than when you do it, and here’s why: There’s a big difference between doing it at all and doing it correctly.

Knowing the difference is key between looking like a million dollar superstar versus a person who looks as thought they were too sleep to know they were mismatching their wardrobe.

Instead, what you get is versatility to its highest degree. How many times have you wished that you could somehow make sweatpants part of your daily attire, and then not have to worry about changing clothes for the gym or an evening stroll after work? Sure, that’s the practical part, but think about how you’ll feel being able to ditch the denim and slacks for sweats, and not look as though you’re out of place terribly.

Try this: sweat pants, gray or black, mixed with a form fitting shirt, maybe from Nike, Reebok or Under Armor and then add a hoodie or vest and a pair of crisp white sneakers with another color that is bolder, maybe orange, blue or even green.

A simple black T shirt and jeans might be a way to go some days, but sub out the jeans, add black sweat pants and toss on a pair shades and leather jacket and all of a sudden you look like you’re ready for a sophisticated dinner and drinks or a dash to the health club if needed.

Accessories and footwear play a key part in how the look will be perceived. A newer trend is hiking up your sweats a bit and showing off your socks; no this isn’t you dad and his short with white knee high tube socks (totally inappropriate) but instead socks scrunched down while the pants are up a bit, not too high by the knee per say but just above your ankle bone.

For guys, being able to wear comfortable clothing and still look suave, sophisticated, sexy and sporty is a win win situation. You get to have your gym clothes gear up with a much needed upgrade by piecing in clothing that accents those sweats and makes them seem as thought they don’t look badly out of place.

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