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Athletically Gifted: Why workout clothes aren’t just for gym

Attention men: don’t sweat the sweatpants and workout gear anymore.

Turns out, it’s actually stylish to look like you just finished super setting at the gym.

Well, maybe that statement isn’t totally true, as the sweatpants and ratty T shirt you’re donning to go to the gym (you know the one, it is either the shirt you got free for that 5K run you walked or the other for eating those super hot wings and actually finishing them, and the T shirt was your prize) aren’t exactly runway material by any means.

But the more prized and coveted exercise clothing can double as more than just the attire you wear to the gym. In fact, it’s being dubbed these days as not only popular but comfortability meeting practicality with the winner being the guys who not only can pull it off well but look as though they’re a higher end version of a Dick’s Sporting Goods mannequin.

Take for instance the warm up pants, forgotten for the most part as anything more than track pants or something you’d wear while you run that aren’t bulky or look as though they’ll be weighing you down.

Today’s version could be the “Jogger” pant from Perry Ellis, a fine choice and a name that fits the bill for both its conventional look and use, but also that they could be worn on a casual Friday in the office and simply reek of relaxation.
As for the T shirt, you have stick with a classy look, a neat, crisp, plain color T shirt that isn’t wrinkled but can look as though you’ve worn it a few times. The worn look has made its way back to the fold (and yes, no fold lines, either) and those shirts are tailor made for the gym. Remember, keep the graphics to a minimum as in none at all.

Leave the shirts with the funny or inappropriate sayings home to wear on the weekend when you’re staying in to watch a movie or plan on painting the garage. The sweatshirt also can’t have those same paint stains, either but rather can be something from a higher end men’s retailer (think American Eagle and their new short sleeved sweatshirt line for spring 2016). They look as though you could wear them to the gym, but yet are made and designed to pair with those same higher end warm up pants.

The key to pulling off gym clothes as your every day attire is to make it look as though you’re dressing down and up in the same vein while you’re technically wearing workout attire that could easily be confused with casual perfection.

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