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Barbar and Ken, Deux

Ken had things to say that made me laugh regarding his barber visit.  First of all, he turned into a child before my eyes talking about how manly and traditional it was to even patronize a barber and him thinking the barber was being fresh was funny.  But the funniest thing was that the barber not only shaved Ken’s neck with a razor instead of a shaver but he also trimmed Ken’s brows.  I thought Ken had looked younger when I ran into him and I am assuming it must of been the eyebrows were normal instead of looking like a wooly caterpillar draped across his forehead.  He also mentioned that the barber offered some “products” like moisturizer.  He asked me if I used things like moisturizer and I had to admit that my wife “makes” me and she “makes” me use sunscreen, too.  But since I started using these products  “just to make her happy” that I noticed my skin has less irritation when I shave and I noticed the lines around my eyes look better…then I laughed and pretended it was all a joke.  I know full well he will go buy some of those products now and use them, too.

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