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Barber and Ken

My friend, Ken, went to a barber for the first time.  He got a real man’s cut and shave.  It’s ironic that I have taken the whole barber experience for granted all of these years.  Ken really enjoyed having the old guys take a shaver to his head then finish his cut off with scissors.  He was shocked to get his face wrapped with a towel and shaved.  He drew the line when the barber began to shave the bottom of his neck and head to the top of his chest.  He thought the barber was getting fresh.  I laughed when he told me because that meant the barber thought he needed man-scaping.  Men used to put so much attention and detail into their daily appearance and Ken saw how much man-scaping he should be doing on a regular basis.  Men do not need to look like wild beasts to prove they are manly.  Visit a barber, get a great cut and shave and wow the women-folk.

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