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Best Looks for Men Seeking Women

A man can always find several written pieces on the best clothes to wear on a first date, but what about the clothes that can get a man to the first date? One thing that is similar between men and women is that they both appreciate appealing visual effects. The right attire can make a woman look at a man twice and consider him as a potential date or potential mate. The right outfit can diffuse a woman’s apprehensiveness so that she is open to the one-liner that the male wants to use. The following are three ideas for “woman seeking” outfits.

The Business Professional

One look that females may appreciate is the business professional look. The business professional outfit consists of slacks, a dress shirt, a tie and shiny leather shoes of some kind. The male may want to accessorize the outfit and wear a watch with it. The intention is not to falsely advertise oneself, however. The male should have a business-related occupation if he is going to carry himself as a business person.

The Explorer

The explorer is just a name for a style that includes casual clothing, hiking gear, rugged boots and the like. The explorer man will want to wear a pair of form fitting jeans and footwear that suit the occasion. He can choose from a wide selection of Timberland boots, loafers or athletic shoes. He can wear a retro styled t-shirt or a plaid lumberjack top. The explorer male is comfortable and confident in anything that he wears. He knows that any female will respond well to him because of his positive personality traits.

The Fitness Expert

The fitness expert look is one that involves a great deal of muscle. The fitness expert look exposes the male’s muscles and the other parts of him that he has refined through vigorous exercise. Such an outfit may include a “muscle shirt” and a pair of shorts, or the male may wear ordinary sweatpants. Alternatively, he may want to go the spandex route so that any woman who crosses his path will see how he has contoured his image.

The man will first want to decide which kind of woman he wants to attract. Some women appreciate security, and some women appreciate adrenaline. Many women fall somewhere in between both worlds. The thing to remember is to be articulate and calm during any interaction.

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