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Best Money I Ever Spent

The best money I ever spent for  a Valentine’s Day gift for my wife was the money I spent on her diamond stud earrings.  Granted, it was a few thousand smackers, but that was the last time I had to buy her earrings.  She even told me, a few years after I bought her the diamond studs that, “she will never need another piece of nice jewelry from me again, unless I am upgrading her huge studs”.    That was 7 years ago men.  Think about it.  For  7 years I have been off the hook for jewelry.  Nice, eh?

So, I suggest you walk, no run, to the closest mom and pop jewelry store and grab a pair of white gold or platinum diamond studs.  No less than 1/2 carat each.  Put them on layaway or your credit card and get them for your wife. By the way, see if the store will wrap them for you.  Don’t buy a card, write a card and tell her how much you love her and want her.  (Don’t write that you need her because it makes it sound like you cheated) and enjoy the look on her face when she opens the gift.  Then watch all your friends as they see what you gave your wife and watch them try to catch up.

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