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Casual Dress at Work for Guys can Include Sweats

What if you could wear sweatpants to work?

What guy hasn’t thought about ditching the tie, taking the suit for a vacation and turning casual Friday into the longest lounge day to lead into your weekend?

One of the bigger fashion differences between men and women is that women can dress down and make it look good with the arrival of Yoga pants, which typically are all black and super comfortable. They don’t look bad, either. They can easily be paired with any and all type of tops, and not look as though you just rolled out of bed.

But, what about men and sweatpants, and their being able to wear them to bed? Is that even possible or just wishful thinking for men and their subsequent fashion?

At the end of the day, traditional sweatpants don’t work. The gray drawstrings or even the Under Armor or Nike track pants still scream exercise after work not meeting before lunch.

Anyone who knows fashion as it relates to men can and will tell you that dark pants, much like the aforementioned Yoga pants mentioned for women, will be the starting point. Dark, black or navy blue, can often be considered “sweats” in the simplest sense given that they’re of the cotton variety and look as though you’re wearing dress pants when in actuality you’re swimming in a sea of comfort.

Of course, the top means a lot, too. Sweaters are key to pulling off the dressier version of sweats versus the ones you wear while you’re sleeping. A nice cotton or soft cotton sweater or a heavier wool pullover pairs nicely with a cotton sweat pant.

And don’t be afraid if your sweats have pockets in non-traditional places (like cargo pants). They might look a little sillier on dress pants or khakis but they work on sweats.

Some companies and manufacturers also put out sweat pants as well that look like jeans or dress pants. Look for belt loops in particular when you’re trying to find “sweats” that can be worn at work and double as dress clothes, when in actuality they’re anything but.

Another term you want to look for when you’re buying these dress sweats is “soft.” Naturally, you’ll see your gym sweats being touted as soft but this is more about dressier sweat pants that have the material that makes them soft and gives them the look of appropriateness.

The dream of wearing sweat pants is hardly dead but rather has new life thanks to fashion designers deeming sweats not only appropriate but from a style perspective superb alternative to your dress clothes.

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