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Colors to Wear/Not to Wear on Your First Date

Your first date with a special someone is going to be nerve-wracking for the both of you. Both of you will be trying to get to know each other in a brief amount of time. The clothes that you choose for your date are just as important as your demeanor, your level of chivalry, and your vocabulary.

Colors evoke emotions, and the wrong ones could send your date packing before the waiter brings the appetizer. The following provides insight on the colors you should and should not wear on your first date.

Colors to Avoid at All Costs

You should never wear red on a first date. A red shirt could give you the appearance of a pimp or Satan, neither of which would encourage a second date. All teasing aside, red is the color of passion and romance. Red is a very hot color, but you do not want to give off this vibe on your first date. Your date may feel as if you are overly anxious for a physical connection if you wear red. White is an odd color to wear on a first date, as well. White represents purity and silence. Your date will want you express a bit more flavor and pizzazz than white suggests.

Neutral Colors

Gray and beige are two neutral colors that you could wear to create a harmless aura on your first date. Creating a harmless aura can have a positive effect on your date in that it can relieve any anxiety that he or she may have during the meeting. However, you have to equalize it with a bit of color so that you do not appear too boring or too safe. If your outfit includes a tie, then you could add some flair with a colorful tie. The hue should be medium as not to create a neon effect.

The Best Colors to Wear

Blue and purple are two of the best colors to wear on a first date. Blue is the color of brains and honesty. Therefore, your date will trust you, and he or she will get a kick out of your intellect, as well. Purple speaks of prestige and success. Your date may get the idea form this color that you have high success and stature. Mixing the two colors together could create a smashing combination. You could find yourself with an invite to date number two if you follow the aforementioned advice.

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