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Comeback Players: Why men are migrating toward vintage fashion


Don’t call it a comeback. Ok, well maybe you can in this case.

Men are creatures of habit, and they know what they like, especially when it comes to fashion.

Most guys tend to gravitate toward a look that is simple and stylish, without much fanfare, unless of course you’re a runway model or your last name is Pitt or Clooney.

The fact remains that men who consider themselves fashionable still have a soft spot for a particular piece of clothing they wore or have worn since they were kids or teens.

The good news is those clothes are headed for a rebirth of sorts, and men couldn’t be happier, particularly with the influx of sweaters that are big, bulky, comfortable and now considered fashion worthy.

In addition to the bigger, thicker knitted sweaters, you also can add the cardigan sweater to that mix, even though you might reference these types of tops as being fit for a grandfather, they’re all the rage at the moment and have been for a few colder seasons now.

Really any heavy duty, knit sweater is more along the lines of being in style now then the thinner sweaters. But don’t get too excited, the turtle neck is long gone as of now.

From tops to bottoms, no one is going to tell you that flared jeans for men are back in style but those corduroy pants that you once referred to in your younger days as “soft pants” are now part of the wardrobe of just about every man with his finger on the pulse of what’s hot.

This type of pant really never went away per say but their popularity did more than just wane. It was practically non existent, but now the corduroy pants are a perfect blend between wearing plain, old jeans and dressier, khaki pants. When your work day calls for a casual look but jeans aren’t appropriate, try corduroy pants to save the day.

Furthermore, those pants make for great weekend garb and totally adds versatility and functionality to your wardrobe so you’re not growing stagnant when it’s time to wear long pants and you don’t always feel like denim is all that appropriate.

The word “vintage” is tossed around quite a bit these days, and that term often suggests you’re buying or wearing something that is outdated. But truthfully, that word when it comes to fashion is all about a style that has decided to rear its not so ugly but rather fashionable head to the point that what once was considered outdated is totally worth doting on and definitely wearing.

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