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Common misstep: Men have fashion troubles with these easily missed mistakes

When it comes to fashion, men carry around quite the stereotype.

We don’t know much about it, if anything at all.

That assumption isn’t too far off for the masses when it comes to men truthfully fine tuning their wardrobes or paying particular attention to trends that are coming, going, staying or ones that haven’t been relevant in years.

So if you’re still rocking those overhauls and shirtless look, you should stop as soon as possible. But beyond the obvious, some men might believe wholeheartedly that they’re doing just fine from a fashion sense, only to realize they’re making common mistakes, ones that are easily fixable but fairly routine when you’re deciding what to wear for something as simple as a backyard barbeque or important as a business meeting with a slew of clients and colleagues.

As far as the business casual and professional look, most men have fairly clear understanding that a black or blue traditional suit is just fine for that next big presentation. But what about the socks, belt and other accessories you might be inclined to miss.

You’d be surprised to find out how easily men wear a black suit and brown socks, thinking it is no big deal. The same swing and miss happens when guys are picking out a tie or belt, too. The tie is the focal point of the suit, and choosing something that is ugly, outdated or just plain bad isn’t exactly the first impression you’d like to make.

The belt itself should be matched against the shoes 10 times out of 10. If you’re wearing black shoes, lose the brown belt. Those brown shoes and black belt combinations aren’t any better, either. What needs to happen is a simple exercise in common sense from a fashion standpoint.

Summertime, more than any season, also brings the bad fashion with it, and nothing is quite as hideous as socks. More specifically, men who wear socks with sandals should be exiled back to the bedroom to find something else to wear, in addition to guys who wear shorts on a hot summer day and still think they need knee high tube socks to go with the outfit. Please, buy some ankle socks and call it a day. Better yet, invest in those sandals and ditch the socks altogether.

Once you do that, among the other aforementioned action items, and that stereotype suddenly won’t hold much water.

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