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Daddy/Daughter Date Attire

There is a push for daddies to spend more time with their daughters in the form of Daddy/Daughter events.  As a man, it’s easy to dismiss these events as unimportant or froufrou and unnecessary, but I argue that any amount of time spent with my daughter is important.  Time spent with my little girl is the ultimate investment because if I take care of her, she will ideally prosper.  I have spent time with her on the baseball field, the soccer field and even bring her to church.  But this last date had me wondering if I should dress up for her.

I decided I would dress up  because  setting the standard while she is young is vital.  Athletic shoes and t-shirts are fine for the soccer/baseball field but if I take her to eat I should put forth the effort to make it an event by both of us getting gussied up.  I even went so far as to ask her what I should wear and had her come to my closet to help decide my outfit.  I was thankful she didn’t pick out one of my suits.  To my surprise, she elected to have me wear a polo shirt and khakis…with wing tip oxfords.  But if she liked that look I was going to embrace it.

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