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Daytona 500 2014

I am going to the Daytona 500 this year!  I cannot wait.  I haven’t been in about a decade.  Don’t get me wrong I watch it every year on the telly, but nothing compares to the live action of the cars as they drive by.  I can’t wait to feel the shaking of the cars as they round the corner and the smell of beer in the air.  It feeds my soul.

I may go early and camp out….not sure.  I can only take about 2 days of beer, smoked sausage and hot sun.  I want to bring my wife but know that she can only take a few hours of the NASCAR atmosphere before turning into a complaining machine so maybe I will call Bill and we can make it a man trip.  Road trip.

Tickets are ranging from $65 to $680 depending on where you sit.  I think the best tickets are at the back stretch.  I know that’s weird but that’s where I like to sit.  The good news is those seats are cheap and there are usually a great deal of bumper bumping going on in the back stretch.  So, the action is close up…but after 4 beers, who cares.



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