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Dear Jeans: Why men make jeans far too complicated

From wide leg, boot cut jeans to the tapered versions that hug the ankle, men no longer have the excuse that one size fits all as it relates to their denim.

The problem is men and their style are all over the place, and having so many options doesn’t necessarily alleviate the problem.

The truth of the matter is the easiest and most wanted type of denim is the timeless straight leg pant, the one that is comfortable and fits over boots and tennis shoes alike, and for guys makes them feel like they have a waist size that works for their ego, particularly when you go straight leg, relaxed with your choice of denim.

As for the boot cut or the wider legged jeans, you don’t have to necessarily cross them off the list per say, but those are more of a younger crowd type pant, and that isn’t ageism talking but rather the truth of how style and jeans work. That said, the flared leg opening runs neck and neck with the jeans that taper at the bottom, and as unflattering as denim can be hugging your shins and ankles, that look might be the most trendy and fashionable for men, mostly of the younger age but yet embraced by the 30 and 40 somethings that enjoy the idea that they could be just as stylish as those who are 10 or 20 years younger.

But making jeans shopping overcomplicated is what men do the best, but there are simple rules to follow when you’re buying jeans, aside from age and style preference.

First, make sure the jeans fit. No matter what your style and even with the relaxed fit jeans, you don’t want to have jeans too tight or too short, even though the former tightness is more a part of how their jeans work. Length of jeans is a sticking point as the average man buys jeans that are two inches shorter to what they should be. The average length of jeans for men is 32 inches, but most of the time men tend to go too short (30) or the always dreaded two long and thus ending up with bottoms of jeans that get destroyed very quickly.

No one can really argue with you as far as what your favorite type of jeans are, but that doesn’t mean something as simple as putting on pant leg on at a time can’t be overcomplicated. Make sure, guys, you buy jeans that fit your style and not overthink a style that is meant to be kept easy.


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