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Denim Woes: How to Pick the Perfect Pair of Jeans

For most men, jeans aren’t high priority when it comes to a variety of aspects, namely price, style or exactly which ones look best.

Instead, jeans fall by the way side and slowly fall into the “all things created equal” category with guys opting for sizes too big or styles that look like something you’d see from another decade. In other words, men might tend to settle on something that isn’t their first choice but figure putting the onus on denim isn’t quite as importance as something like a suit or dress pants.
In actuality, jeans are just as important if not more so.

How exactly should you buy jeans?

First, you have to realize that knowing your size and simply selecting a pair of denim could be disastrous. More so now than ever, jeans have a sense of individuality to each pair, whether you’re talking about how they fit or the design itself.
Paying close attention to the types of jeans guys are wearing (i.e trends) doesn’t hurt, either. For example, no one is wearing flared jeans anymore. Period. Even an extended boot cut is pushing it, although some boot cut styles work well if you’re prone to not rolling the jeans up at the bottom.

You also want to keep your denim, for a style standpoint, relatively simple. Despite what some guys will argue, denim that is drenched in lots of patterns or designs aren’t in style and only garner the kind of attention that is of the negative ilk.
In the event you’re not sure what jeans to buy, there are always a few key points to follow for the beginners.

The easiest path is to stick with darker jeans with a little bit of a washed out look. Again, less is more so when you think washed out, make sure that it is rather subtle instead of something that is eye popping for all the wrong reasons. Lighter toned jeans always are an option but make sure they’re not too close to white versus blue on the color scale.

And speaking of eye popping, guys that are over the age of 20 should steer clear of the skinny jeans look, even if you have the body type and build to pull it off. Those jeans are tailor made for a younger crowd so keep that in mind before you start looking at anything that is tapered leg.

Furthermore, there’s nothing wrong with carpenter jeans or those that fall into the Wrangler category if the goal of jeans is to look more workmanlike or if that is just how you like to wear your jeans. Those brands of jeans have their own unique look and market themselves more as the everyday, durable jean that is practical.

What you don’t want to do is wear something that makes you feel uncomfortable or is just flat out hideous, outdated or makes you look as though you just have stopped caring when it comes to choosing your denim wisely.

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