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Dippity-do? Dippity-don’t!

I was walking down the street the other day in DC and I noticed a guy who took himself a bit too seriously.  He had a decent suit and those aggressive shoes Washtonians wear but he had one thing way wrong even for DC.  He was wearing way too much gel in his hair.  I don’t mean he was a little heavy handed with the gel…I mean he went a little nuts with the Dippity-do. He was hybrid of an evangelist and a Gotte and apparently cannot take one moment to turn around to see the back of his head with a hand mirror.   The front of his head was wet and slicked but the back was D-R-Y!

Don’t tell me you have never heard of that…a hand mirror?!  Men, this is how you check the back of your head.  You stand with the wall mirror behind you then take a hand mirror and hold it up so that you can look into the mirror to see the reflection of the back of your head.  It’s not easy but it is doable… and it’s much easier than getting ragged on by your big shot friends for having two very different looks on one head or by bloggers.



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