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Easily Upgradeable: How to add some spice to summertime wardrobe

When most men think of summer and style as it relates to their clothes, thoughts turn quickly to their customary and rather rudimentary wardrobe: shorts, T shirts, sneakers and enough white, knee high tube socks to last into the fall months.

But what if you could upgrade your closet, have it do a complete 180 degree turn and turn more than just a few heads at graduation parties, picnics and barbecues? While all that sounds wonderful, is it really feasible to do so in a way that isn’t going to take your beach vacation funds and turn that sandy, sunny week on the coast into khaki shorts for the summer and no thought of taking that trip?
The truth is summertime clothing and men make for a great pairing when you’re seriously considering adding to what you’re wearing or if you want to do a complete overhaul. The trick centers on getting the four basic fashion groups, much the same way you’d plan out a diet. You need to make sure you have the right accessories for the job, lose the jeans and jean shorts (and so good bye to denim really for good this summer) and stock yourself full of polo shirts and T shirts that are a mix of cotton and polyester.

Those hard cotton hardly will do much for you this summer as the cooler (both literally and fashionably), more flattering soft cotton makes for a better match with the warmer temperatures. You can’t overlook just how much a stylish watch (leather bands are back versus the clunky, silver ones), a pair of chino shorts of the dark variety, think navy blue and pieced together with that aforementioned polo shirt. Whites and off whites are quite popular this season.

Accessories don’t stop with the watch, as white sneakers and square, dark sunglasses are also making a much needed comeback. The white sneaker look screams classic and clean, and so does the old fashioned square sunglasses, which have been popular for the last few summers, taking the place of the larger, police style, reflective shades as the most clamored for look in the sun.

And those chino shorts should also be part of a larger scale run on chino pants, preferably white or a sandy, light brown look that screams beach but with price point in mind for men not wanting to actually trade the real waves for a slew of pants.

A new wardrobe isn’t all about killing off whatever money you have for the summer, but rather starting with the staples you already have but giving them a much needed shot in the arm.

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