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Every Man’s Wardrobe should have Shoes for these Occasions

A well-wardrobed man will have a different pair of shoes for every aspect of life. He will need to have special shoes for lounging, working, sporting and profiling for the ladies. He should have his collection of shoes ready to wear with stylish clothing when a situation arises. The following are some ideas for men’s shoes for each of the aforementioned situations:

Lounging Shoes

Lounging shoes are shoes that a man wears around the house or out on the balcony for a smoke or a fine cigar. They can range from basic slippers to full-blown sneaker type shoes. Rivieras Raffia Slip-Ons are perfect for lounging and looking debonair at the same time. They would go nicely with a navy or beige housecoat. Raffia slip-on shoes are crafted in Spain, and they have a cotton lining and a padded insole. The price tag for a pair of these attractive lounge shoes is $95.

Sports Shoes/Sneakers

Athletic shoes are shoes that a man will wear to perform activities such as basketball, gym exercises, running, golf, tennis, soccer and more. An athletic shoe should have a comfortable insole and a strong, supportive outer layer. The Puma AMP Sport golf shoe ($60-$100) is an attractive lightweight and sporty shoe that fits comfortably for a game of golf. The Adidas men’s Samba Classic soccer shoe ($40-$75) is a highly comfortable shoe that is excellent for soccer, running or fashion. The Adidas No Mercy sneakers are vibrantly fashionable and strong enough to support a male through a game of basketball ($70-$110).

Work Shoes

Work shoes are shoes that men wear to their everyday jobs. They should be padded and comfortable for long shifts. Additionally, they should have a dark color and a slip-resistant sole. The Georgia Giant Romeo shoes ($79.99) can work well for construction workers, restaurant workers, and office workers. The shoes are padded with a high-performance lining and a covered cushion insole. Additionally, the shoes have oil-resistant bumper guards and a durable, but flexible leather texture that molds to the wearer’s foot.

Sexy/Pick-Up Shoes

Women are naturally drawn to colorful shoes. A man could use a pair of colorful sneakers to add sex appeal to his wardrobe. The Vans Rata Vulc skate shoes ($67) are sexy enough to sport with dress clothes or jeans and a t-shirt. They come in an attractive and lusty wine color, and their texture is a comfortable canvas that resembles suede.

The aforementioned shoe selections are just a few ideas for a man who wants to prepare himself to dazzle the world from the ground up.

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