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Fashion Tips for a Hot Date

You only have one chance at making a first impressio. And a hot date is a date that has the potential to ignite a fire. A man should handle a hot date quite differently than he would handle a questionable date. He will want to use fashion tips that can enhance his allure and animal magnetism. The following are a few fashion tips for men who are going on a hot date:

Time for an Edgy Hairstyle

Many women find edgy hairstyles attractive. A man who is going on a hot date will want to wear a hairstyle that gives a little edge. Mousse and fingertips are the perfect tools for creating a hot hairstyle. Mousse can give the hair an artificial wet look while expressing the man’s cool personality. An edgy hairstyle will draw the woman closer to him because she will want to penetrate his rough exterior.

Wear Form-Fitting Clothes

Many men assume that women are not as interested in bodily attributes as they are. The concept is a myth. Women appreciate firm bums and bulging biceps just as much as men appreciate bosoms and bottoms. A hot date deserves some form-fitting jeans and a t-shirt that leaves little to the imagination. The form-fitting attire will catch her eyes more than once during the course of the date.

Wear Colors That Spark Attraction

A hot date is the perfect time for sexy colors. Red is on the top of the color list for passion and desire. A man should not feel shy slipping into a red t-shirt or dress shirt for a hot date. Black can spark attraction since it signifies mystery and darkness. Black goes well with the edgy look. A man can fare well with a green shirt if he has beautiful green eyes. The combination will most likely leave the woman in awe.

Use Subtle but Sexy Fragrances

A male can appeal to a woman’s sense of smell by using a hint of an attractive fragrance. He can use a popular shaving cream, or he can purchase a bottle of one of the finest colognes. The Sean John I Am King fragrance is popular for men who want to carry a sensual scent. Euphoria by Calvin Klein is another big seller for men who are looking for intimacy. The male could ask the woman what she likes if he feels comfortable enough to do so before the first date. He can then use all the aforementioned tips to create the perfect environment for romance.

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