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Fashion Tips for Men Who Want to Look Younger

Are you a middle-aged divorcee who has to get back into the dating game? Perhaps you are a retired individual who would love to meet someone with whom you can share the rest of your years. The key to picking up women is to create a youthful appearance along with a youthful attitude. If you are already playful and sociable, then you are already half there. The following are some fashion tips for creating a youthful outer appearance:

Going Grayless

While a salt-and-pepper hairstyle is a distinguished one, you can deduct at least 10 years from your appearance by going grayless. A wealth of quick rinses is available that can wash that gray right out of your hair. Alternatively, you may want to try the bald look and remember to shave your head every two to three days, so your grays do not sneak up on you.

Tightening Your Skin

Do you enjoy having eggs with your breakfast? Perhaps you should try them at bedtime, as well. An egg white mask can have a tightening effect on your skin that can leave you looking years younger afterward. The mask takes only a few minutes to prepare. You will simply beat two egg whites until they reach a consistent texture. Then, you will apply the egg whites to your face using upward strokes. Allow the mask to dry and tighten for approximately 20 minutes, and then rinse it off with a cold washcloth. You will be amazed by the effect it can have on your skin. An egg white mask does not smell attractive, but it is an effective beauty trick.

Rejuvenating Your Eyes

Dark circles can add years to your appearance. You can use several home remedies to take the darkness and swelling down a few notches. Preparation H can work to reduce the puffiness under your eyes. Cold cucumbers can give you the same effect. Additionally, sleeping with your head elevated can help.

Youngifying Your Wardrobe

Put away those plaid high-water pants and exchange them for the form-fitting denim jeans, skinny pants, cargo pants, or fitness apparel. You will look years younger than you are. In no way should you be dishonest about your age when a young woman asks you about it. You should always tell the truth to any person you meet. However, the number will not have much significance if you can gracefully accomplish pulling off a younger appearance.

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