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Fashionably Dated: How to start dressing like a man

Attention men: Do you dress like a boy or a man?

It seems like a simple question and one that can easily be answered to the naked eye, but your clothes might not be in line with what you think is a true man’s wardrobe.

Are you still wearing your hat backward in your 30s? Are your 40s and 50s still seeing you wearing skin tight T shirts that once fit well in the waist and now show off your ever present pot belly?

Beyond those, there are plenty of fashion missteps for men that show they’re not ready to start dressing their ages, even if they are telling themselves that what they’re wearing is perfectly fine.

So, if clothes really do make the man, yours will tell the world if you’re an adult with a big boy’s set of clothes or a boy bouncing around looking the part of an immature individual based on your wardrobe.

The suit is the first and easiest way to tell if your man is masquerading as a boy or is truly a man above boys. A fashion and style conscious man will tell you that his suit fits him, first and foremost. Nothing is more immature from a fashion side than a man who is wearing a suit that is too big for him. They look more like Tom Hanks out of the movie “Big” when he doesn’t realize that he’s now an adult man.

In the movie, Hanks’ little boy character at the end of the movie changed from adult to a child. As he’s walking away the suit shrinks on him and he looks like a 15 year old boy in a man’s suit. As much as that is fantasy from the masses, you’d be surprised just how many men don’t have a suit that was tailored to fit their body.

That mess can only be described as a major men’s fashion mistake, and one that can deter you from anything from a business meeting that means a lot or being a wedding guest that needs more than just a little bit of suit related guidance.

From the suit to the shoes, finding the footwear that makes you look as though you’re ready to change out of your sneakers (the ones you wear with khaki’s and dress pants) and instead have a universal left and right show that you can wear with jeans to dress them up or look like they could be the best of business casual beyond the Converse or Nike that you worse when you were a teenager.

The best part about growing up as it relates to fashion is feeling like you’ve graduated to a look that leaves the eyes on you assured that you’re a man in men’s clothing as opposed to a boy trying to convince the world his style is about to mature at any moment.

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