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Feed Her Body and Soul

If you are more of the chic granola type you will love the MindBodyGreen website for recipes for your significant other.  This site will give you the best way to cherish each other with food, exercise and theory and due to the true health of it you can cherish each other a very long time.  My favorite article is the one “How to eliminate Sugar from Your Diet Completley”…I’m going to do it.  It laid out a simple plan that is not drastic and seems easy.

The recipes are good ones with different perspectives that gives one the option of eating meat or going vegan.  It teaches you how to go whole foods and stop the yo-yo dieting.  It also has many articles are whole body exercising like yoga and walking.  It seems to  be wholesome and healthy and more of a long term diet strategy.  This website has to be my favorite because it even covers illness and vitamins, etc…


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