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First Date Fashion Tips for Men

A first date can be a nervous time for the male and the female. However, the man most likely places more pressure on himself than the woman does because of his inner need to be perfect. A first date is the most important date of all. The occasion represents hope for future dates. Therefore, everything from the man’s clothing to his words has to be just right for the occasion. The following are some fashion tips for a man who is going on a first date:

Be Perfectly Groomed

Perfect grooming is one of the key elements to a successful date. The male should have a clean shave with his fingernails clipped and a neat hairstyle. Over grooming is always better than under grooming is. Therefore, a nice manicure or pedicure is not a not a bad idea.

Spruce up the Breath

Sprucing up the breath is more of a hygiene tip than it is a fashion tip, but it is still necessary. No one can change a first impression, and a first impression that involves bad breath is a deal breaker . A first-time dater can do himself a favor by purchasing a strong breath mint such as Altoids or Certs. Big Red chewing gum is an excellent selection for gum lovers.

Dress for the Occasion

The last thing a man will want to do is show up for a first date overdressed or underdressed. He should discuss the date with the female and ensure that there is no miscommunication about the location. The male will want to dress down for events such as bowling and pool.

Wear Inviting Colors

Wearing inviting colors is an important tip to remember when going on a first date. The colors should suggest trust and honor rather than racy thoughts. For example, red is not a good color for a first date. Red symbolizes deep passion, which is too strong for an initial meeting. Blue, white and purple are good colors to wear on a first date. The color blue represents faith and truth. The color purple represents nobility and royalty. White represents purity. Any of the previously mentioned colors would go well on the shirt of a man who is meeting someone for the first time.

A man who uses the previously mentioned tips should fare well on his date. The only other tip he should remember is to smile and be courteous to the woman.

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