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Fit to be Surprised: When it comes to fashion, fit is everything

Every man has been in that situation where he’s waiting until the last minute to try on his suit for an upcoming wedding, and the day before he realizes that the suit just doesn’t fit right.

While you can argue that an oversized suit must mean something good is happening in the gym, you can’t underestimate the fact that a suit, pants or anything from your wardrobe should get to the point where it fits so poorly or just doesn’t look right whatsoever.

If clothing makes the man, then the fit must be the finishing touch every guy needs when it comes to looking good in his attire year round and with every article that adorns his body.

The hard part, for some guys, is wondering just what “good fit” means, but that doesn’t have to be the thought process that plagues you to the point that you start second guessing yourself and how you shop for clothing.

Those who are adept at having clothing that works for them as far as fit is concerned know there are a few long standing tips they have implemented for years when it comes to how clothing should fit.

The biggest faux pas for most men is the suit jacket, namely how it fits through the shoulders and down to the hand. A close second would be the propensity for some men to wear shirts that are too loose, citing that they don’t want to look too overweight with tighter clothes.

Let’s start with that shirt dilemma.

Having a shirt that is too loose will do more to make you look overweight then one that is too tight. Granted, you don’t want to have skin tight, Under Armor type shirt that is a size medium, when you’re clearly an extra large. This is more about finding a shirt that is sleek and fits you well with a little bit of wiggle room between your chest and stomach, a few inches maybe, instead of being overly big or too loose.

The suit jacket is another story but one that is similar to its shirt counterpart. The suit cuff shouldn’t cover any part of your hand, nor should it look like that white dress shirt underneath is showing way too much skin when the jacket fits correctly. The shirt cuff should extend beyond the jacket but only a little bit, less than a half inch. Anything more just seems excessive.

Finding the right fit doesn’t have to be difficult or too troubling, if you know what to look for and being able to spot subtle signs that you’re a little off with your measurements.

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