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Fitness Flare: How to dress the part when working out

Men tend to dress down when they can get away with it, and that includes the lazy Sunday, the after work quick change and any other time when sweats and T-shirts will suffice.

But what is the plan of attack when sweat pants and T-shirts are exactly what you should be wearing.

Case in point: the gym, working out or even just the leisurely stroll at night after dinner.

Just because the gym is your destination or you’re about to break a pretty serious sweat doesn’t mean you can’t look the part with style and fashion in mind.

The days of working out in ripped T shirts and paint stained sweats are no longer part of the gym etiquette as it stands today, although that isn’t to suggest that you have to be dressed up to the point that you don’t look as though you’re about to embark on exercise.

The truth is, for men, exercise and workout clothing has come a long way, to the point that it not only can be practical as you put miles under your feet or lifts weights but also if you’re feeing particularly casual during the day or at any given moment and don’t really feel as though you want to include jeans or a standard polo shirt as part of your usual attire.

Trendy workout or “active” clothing consists of two key points, not surprisingly: sweatpants and T-shirts, but these aren’t just any tops or bottoms. You have sweatpants that are now being featured with tapered legs and shirts that are all about form fitting and protecting against moisture (moisture wicking).

As for the other accessories for men, how about a long sleeved T-shirt to add to your winter workouts or a pullover. These are typically made of fleece or other breathable materials that are all about keeping you warm but not to the point that you’re overheating as part of your workout.

While workout clothes and piecing together the perfect ensemble isn’t really what being active is all about; looking the part is more about having a style that doesn’t look as though you rolled out of bed and yet still comfortable enough to know that your workout will thrive and you’ll have added to your wardrobe sensibility and some variety that is sorely lacking when you want to give the professional attire and work clothes a rest.

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