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Five Simple Add-Ons that Add to “Hotness”

Millions of attractive men inhabit the earth, but many of them go unnoticed because of a lack of right touches around the edges. With a few small, inexpensive items, a man can change is look in a big way. Simple accessories like jewelry items can be a start but here are five add-ons that can transform an attractive man into a gorgeous movie star:

A Short Chain

The Adam’s apple is one of the sexiest features on a male. An extremely short chain or choke chain can accent this highly masculine area. A man could purchase a short chain for less than $20 and adorn it with a dagger pendant or something colorful that draws attention to his neck area.

Colored Contact Lenses

Colored contact lenses can illuminate a man’s world and bring him a swarm of attention from the opposite sex. A man who has to wear contacts could use the opportunity to try versions that have vibrant colors. Contact lenses come in interesting colors such as purple, blue, green, yellow, turquoise and more. In fact, he can have fun with his contacts and wear a different color every day of the week.

Hair Mousse

Hair mousse is an amazing accessory that often sells for less than $5. An attractive man can try a wide variety of interesting styles as the mousse will take his hair in any direction. He could try a spike one day, a curly look the next day, and a slick look the next day. The changes in hairstyles will make him more versatile and desirable.

A Single Earring

Nothing says cool and hip like a single earring does. Many celebrities such as Harrison Ford, Justin Bieber, Will Smith and Justin Timberlake have enhanced their appeal with earrings. The great thing about earrings is that they do not have to be real to look good. A cubic zirconia earring will be just as effective in a man’s ear as a real diamond earring will be.

A Tattoo

A tattoo can give a man a sexy bad-boy image if he wants to go that route. Imitation tattoos are available for men who are not quite ready to alter their skin forever. Thousands of temporary tattoo styles are available online through various retailers. Therefore, a male can create any look that he can imagine.

Add-ons can take a man into a completely new sexy category. The aforementioned ideas are only a small portion of the many possibilities.

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